Why Do I Do, What I Do?

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I was recently asked ‘So, why do you do what you do?’ in regards to my lifestyle, my job and general, well, me-ness. And the question stopped me in my tracks completely. I was stumped as to how to answer that question, and once I’d thought about it, I knew the answer.

My job and lifestyle are very much reflective of each other. Most wouldn’t think that working as a Digital Marketing Consultant and a lifestyle of a farmer have anything in common, but it really does.

I love my job, I seriously couldn’t love it any more than I do.

I am so lucky in the fact that I work for one of the oldest digital marketing agencies in the UK, that was the first to go into Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Search. This in turn means that I work with some of the brightest minds in digital marketing, and every day it inspires me to be better and do better.

I learn something new every day, my brain is always absorbing new information about the wider world of digital marketing or my clients. I really do enjoy learning new things, whether it be how to implement scripts into my PPC campaigns or learning what is new in marketing.

I am constantly setting new goals for my clients campaigns, and making sure I meet those goals takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Not only that, I set myself new goals. This week I became AdWords Qualified, I ticked another goal off my personal career list.

I handle data constantly, and analyse it until I am blue in the face.

Which is where it brings me to my lifestyle of a farmer. We handle data constantly. Whether it is measuring out the right amount of feed per animal to make sure they’re gaining the right amount of weight, or looking at worm counts in their feces, or looking at how much K, P or N we need to spray. We’re analysing data to gain better results.

I look at my flock and think to myself ‘if I had to sell them now, right this second, how would I do it?’ and I know that with my marketing skills I could come up with a wild and wacky way of advertising them and finding them their next owner. And for that, I’m pretty proud of my marketing┬ábrain.

We’re always challenging our breeding. ‘Did I choose the right ram for that ewe? Could I have put her with a better ram to ensure the offspring is of breed standard?’. We never know that answer until the little critter is in this big wide world, but by thinking about these elements, we better ourselves year on year.

As farmers we often wear many hats, and I think it’s a gift. The more time I see inspirational farmers on Twitter and Facebook, it makes me proud to have been aquatinted with them. And whether they realise it or not, they’re on a journey of branding, business building, awareness and ultimately, marketing themselves. I think that’s pretty amazing in itself.

Where are you going with this Beswick?

I had a week and a half off work to get up to speed ready for lambing the Herdwicks and get everything prepared. The time off definitely gave me time to really think over the data I’m gaining from the Herdys, I couldn’t make a graph out of it, but it’s tangible data for me.

I’ve set myself some goals for 12 months time. The goals are personal career goals, but also goals for the flock and herd. I’m sure when I feel I’ve lost my way from time to time I’ll refer back to this post for a kick up the backside, but for now, I’d better get my s**t together!

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