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I just want to start off by saying a big, massive, SORRY! I’ve been rather quiet and distracted from the blog for the past month, it’s been busy, and it’s about to get busier. I had a couple weeks off work in February which was a great time to get caught up on admin type tasks with the sheep, there’s always going to be bits to get done, but I’m getting there! In March we collected our two rams, Harry and Edwin, we’re over the moon with them. They’re polite chaps, and have been a nice addition to the flock. Fingers crossed they both perform well in the Autumn for us, as we’re extremely excited for some pure bred Wiltshire’s and Herdwick’s to arrive come Spring 2017.


Meet Harry & Edwin, our new Wiltshire Horn and Herdwick Rams 😊🐏

A photo posted by Cesca Beswick (@cesca_beswick) on

I’ve arranged a shearer to come and shear off the Herdys’ fleeces this May. It was a task I wasn’t looking forward to organising, I was afraid that with having a small flock no-one would want to come and do them. But hurrah – it’s all organised. Next year I’m hoping that we will be able to do them ourselves, once we’ve completed a course. We’re learning a hell of a lot, and will learn even more through time. Every day is a new day, and every day we learn something new. This means that every day I get more and more excited about building up this flock from scratch, it’s something we can be very proud of. The Herdwick’s have escaped from their field twice now. The first time they had escaped about 10 seconds before I pulled up to their field with their evening feed, so a rattle of the bucket and they were straight back in – Bl**dy sheep! I’ve been rattling the brains of a few stockmen/women the past few weeks, and I’ve been learning a hell of a lot just through their own experiences. So thank you – you all know who you are! My hands are cracked, beaten and sore. I’ve gotton to a point where they bleed and sting whenever I curl my fingers – ouch! So I’m hoping that now the days are getting longer, the warmth will come and my hands can finally heal. The most important part of this post? We’ve finally started lambing! The first was a ram lamb born early evening. The ewe had a struggle at first as he was coming out breach, but after a helping hand, he was out and ready to face the world.


The Herdwicks have started lambing 😍❤️ A photo posted by Cesca Beswick (@cesca_beswick) on

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