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2017 Goals

posted by Cesca January 1, 2017 0 comments

Let’s open with this…. Happy new year you beautiful people!

I’ve pondered over whether or not to set myself new years resolutions, whether I should really set myself something which I know I won’t get ahead and do. So why disappoint myself with ridiculous resolutions of not drinking alcohol for 12 months (I can hear cider and rum makers whine¬†already), or lose a stone (winter coverage is handy all year round I heard), or travel around¬†Sudan (I don’t know why Sudan, it just came to my head).


The consensus was that new years resolutions would be a wash out, so I thought ‘fuck it, no. But lets set myself some little goals to achieve’. Nothing big, nothing fancy, and nothing interesting by my thinking anyway.

  • Keep learning new skills. Whether it be cultivating or making pastry, I’ll learn, master and teach someone else.
  • Play guitar weekly. I don’t know why I stopped in the first place, it’s so soothing.
  • Visit places and people. Alone or with friends, I have places I want to see, and people I want to spend time with.
  • Dust off my snowboard. I don’t care if its just a skid down Manchester Snowdome, it’s getting dusted off and I’m falling on my arse.
  • Surf. I want to let the sea set me free and go face plant some waves.
  • Make time for things that really matter. Family/Friends/Myself, all deserve my time to be spent on them.
  • Keep healthy, body and mind. Because without those two, I won’t be able to do any of the above!
  • Seriousness is out the window. Life’s too short if 2016’s life losses are anything to go by, so why take life too serious. Live, laugh and love.

Wishing you all the best in 2017, I have a feeling it’s going to be a boomer of a year!

Don’t be afraid to share your new years resolutions or goals with me, I enjoy reading your comments :-)

Love, Cesca on the Farm x

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